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Research internship and a study visit at the Kyushu University (May 2022)

Research internship (as part of the conducted pilot studies) titled “Development of innovative cluster structures and infrastructural projects related to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as an opportunity for the regional energy transformation of Japan’s Fukuoka and Yamanashi prefectures.” Source of funding: The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) PROM program.

Paweł Brusiło EIASM

Participation in the EIASM doctoral seminar: International Business: State-of-the-art theories, methods and topics

The course offered a systematic foundational knowledge of the theoretical building blocks of international business research, the most updated debates on theories and methods, and an overview of topics and areas of research in the field. The ultimate goal was to develop an ability to identify opportunities for future research. The course was organized into two parts. The first part focused on different theoretical perspectives. In the second part, state-of-the-art research on specific topics and areas ware discussed.

10 Konferencja Azja Pacyfik

Presentation at the 10th International Asia-Pacific Conference, Asia-Pacific Research Center

As a member of the university’s Asia-Pacific Research Center, I had a great opportunity to present the results of my latest research. After many months of virtual scientific events, I felt extremely excited to participate in a hybrid conference, during which some of the speeches (including mine) were made in the university recording studio in the InQube building.

JEPA21 Brusiło 2021 presentation

Presentation at the 20th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association (JEPA), University of Tokyo

Our research presented a review of the new structural economics (NSE) assumptions in the context of an impressive development of the Chinese photovoltaic cells industry in 2000-2019. Furthermore, we aimed to study and illustrate the impact of the industrial policy measures and the implemented state interventions on the development of the studied leading-edge industry from the perspective of revealed comparative advantage considering the theoretical assumptions of the NSE.

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