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As a researcher at the beginning of my career, I am looking for opportunities to confront my results with experienced experts who can provide critical comments and suggestions that push my scientific and research development forward.

Professor David G. Victor of the School of Global Policy and Strategy, who served as my mentor during my Fulbright-Schuman Award at the University of California, San Diego (August 2022-January 2023), has given me the unusual opportunity to conduct my research project in collaboration with him and Dr. Ryan Hanna on an evaluation of the State of California’s policies on fuel cell electric vehicle market development.

In addition, I recently had the unique opportunity to personally participate and present the results of this doctoral research project in front of experts from the University of California, Davis! An invitation to an Institute for Transportation Studies seminar from Prof. Beth Bourne allowed me to lead a presentation and discussion of over an hour with leading experts in the field from the Institute of Transportation Studies.

Thanks to this discussion, I can look at my qualitative and quantitative data in a different way to generate even more meaningful results!

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