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I have the great honor to be one of the three PhD students from the city of Wrocław who were awarded the Wincenty Styś Scholarship 2022/2023 as part of the Student Scholarship Program in the field of social sciences and humanities! The Student Scholarship Program is implemented – on the initiative of the Mayor of Wrocław – by the Wrocław Academic Centre, and the scholarships are financed by the City of Wrocław.

It is a great distinction for me and a strong impulse to work even harder. I would like to thank all the people who were involved in the organization and conduct of the competition at all its stages. I also congratulate all the other scholarship recipients and honorees. I have a feeling that the scholarship I received is, above all, a significant commitment and credit of trust from the organizers of the competition, that as a young researcher I will continue to conduct ambitious research projects, and that I will be an active member of the Wrocław academic community, caring for the dissemination of research results to a wide audience.

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