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TopMinds is a six-month mentoring program dedicated to PhD students, as well as final-year master students. The program allows the young researchers to participate in regular workshops and training and develop their competencies through cooperation with a selected mentor. It is a unique program on a national scale, co-organized by the Polish-American Fulbright Commission and the Top500 Innovators Association, dedicated to young researchers. 

TopMinds program was a great opportunity for me to build an interdisciplinary mentoring relationship with Professor Beata Bochorodycz. When I came to the first meeting with Beata, I was only at the stage of planning my first steps in the international scientific community, but I missed someone with whom I could share my fears, doubts and countless questions. During our weekly meetings, we discussed the highlights and shadows of my potential research career. We considered possible scenarios for the internationalization of my research now and after my PhD. We also charted possible paths that I should follow as a young researcher. After less than 7 months, thanks to our regular meetings over coffee and delicious Japanese tea, I have clearly defined professional and scientific goals. I know how I can internationalize my research in the future. I am most grateful to Beata for her constant support at every stage of preparing and submitting an application for a foreign research internship, which was one of the goals of our mentoring. Despite the official end of the program, we still maintain our mentoring relationship, which is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for scientific development.


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