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It is with great pleasure to inform that I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation entitled “Green industrial policy for the establishment and development of the fuel cell electric vehicle market in the US state of California from the perspective of the economics of sustainable development”.

🕐 The defense was on April 25 at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

The dissertation has been written under the supervision of Prof. Bogusława Drelich-Skulska and Dr. Anna H. Jankowiak as a result of a research project carried out under a Fulbright-Schuman Award 2022/2023 at the University of California, San Diego, in research cooperation with Prof. David G. Victor and Dr. Ryan Hanna.

▶ I cordially invite everyone interested in the results of my research to contact me. The dissertation (in English) and its abstract, as well as the three reviews, can be accessed through the links below:

Brief overview

The dissertation is devoted to evaluating the impact of green industrial policy on the establishment and development of the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market in California from the perspective of the economics of sustainable development assumptions. The dissertation synthesizes considerations of the relationship between neoclassical economics, environmental economics, and the economics of sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of aligning green industrial policy with the implementation of its normative postulates. Taking the U.S. state of California as a case study, the author examines how selected green industrial policy instruments influenced the establishment and development of the FCEV market from 1990 to 2022, using quantitative and qualitative research methods, including logical analysis and construction, literature review, and individual structured interviews. The dissertation demonstrates that green industrial policy, through its instruments, has had a significant impact on the development of the FCEV market in the state under study, with relevance to both the theoretical assumptions of economics of sustainable development and the practical implications in the area of green industrial policy. The dissertation provides critical insights and suggestions that can serve as a basis for future policy decisions, not only in California but also in other states and countries pursuing sustainable development in the transportation sector. The dissertation highlights the importance of the hydrogen economy and points to FCEVs as a future direction for transportation development while offering model assumptions for applying green industrial policy.

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