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I am delighted to announce that I had the honor of participating as a keynote speaker at the New Mobility Congress held in Łódź. This event brought together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders from across the Central and Eastern Europe region to discuss the future of mobility and sustainable development.

During the congress, I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation titled “The state and federal policy instruments for the development of HRS for long-haul freight fleets in the U.S. state of California – what can we learn from their experience?”. My talk focused on analyzing state and federal policy tools used in California, USA, aimed at developing Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) infrastructure for long-haul freight fleets. I shared insights and experiences that could be valuable for the Polish transport sector in the context of HDV fleet electrification and HRS network development, bearing in mind Poland’s goal to build at least 70 hydrogen refueling stations by 2030.

The discussion during the congress also covered a wide range of challenges related to the production of renewable hydrogen, legislative aspects, universal technical standards, as well as the expectations of vehicle manufacturers and carriers regarding refueling infrastructure. It was an excellent forum for knowledge and experience exchange, highlighting the importance of international and transnational cooperation in creating a sustainable future for heavy transport.

The New Mobility Congress in Łódź served not only as a platform for discussing key challenges and opportunities for HRS network development in Poland and Europe but also as a venue to explore how initiatives such as the HyTruck project contribute to the development of a transnational network of green hydrogen refueling stations for long-haul trucks.

I am convinced that participating in such an event is a step forward towards implementing sustainable transport solutions, and I am pleased that I could share my knowledge and experience with other participants. I thank the organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to be part of this important discussion. The debate was also attended by:

  • Krzysztof Dresler (moderator) – Chairman of the Hydrogen Technologies Committee, Polish Association for Alternative Fuels
  • Piotr Kuczera – Major of the City of Rybnik
  • Danuta Zoń – New Technology Market Development Manager, Air Products
  • Rafał Koziński – Team Leader, Fuel Cell, AVL Software and Functions
  • Wojciech Lach – Team Leader, Hydrogen Projects Coordination Division, ORLEN Group
  • Dawid Adamowski – New Energies Director, TSG Poland
  • Paweł Piotrowicz – Expert for the energy market analysis and hydrogen technologies, TUV Sud
  • Mateusz Sobczak – Senior Technical Support Engineer, Volvo Trucks Polska
  • Jacek Nowakowski – Alternative Propulsion Business Development Manager Poland & Ukraine, IVECO Poland, IVECO

I invite you to follow future posts on my website, where I will continue to discuss sustainable mobility and innovations in the transport sector.

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