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I am very pleased to announce that I have joined the Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley! Over the past three years of my scientific and research work, I have gained knowledge and experience that I now intend to apply to help the Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley transform Lower Silesia into a leading player in the hydrogen sector. I believe that our cooperation will bring many benefits to both the Valley and the broader future of a sustainable and low-carbon hydrogen economy. One of my first activities was a speech before members of the National Sector Alliance for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy in Poland, during which I presented my conclusions on how to support the development of the FCEV market in California and what we can learn in Poland from this case study.

By joining the Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley, I declare my willingness to support the development of the hydrogen economy, which I assume will play a crucial role in the future of sustainable and low-carbon energy, industry and transportation sectors. I am extremely excited about what this new cooperation will bring and what innovations in the hydrogen sector I will be able to bring to our region. More information about the Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley can be found here:

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